Iytania Nightwolf


A tall and lithe elvish woman who is as beautiful as a lunar flower. Iytania has long dark hair and amber colored eyes. Both beautiful and sharp witted, Iytania would have grown to be an elvish woman of high esteem had the worst of the world hadn’t tainted her.


…You ask to know my story? To that end you expect to hear a tale of a rich elven woman perhaps betrothed to a handsome elf lord who then went to loose her home to the drow? That might be someone’s story, but it is not mine. Indeed I come from a prominent family across the Trackless sea on the eladrin island Evermeet. All my young life I heard tales of the beauty of our homeland Cormanthyr now Myth Drannor. So when the crusade to reclaim our homeland began I was quick to follow Lord Seiveril Miritar. It was his daughter Ilsevele who inspired me though. During the battle against the demon horde it was she who stood tall and brave. Even after her father fell. And it was she who won the war and later named Coronal of Myth Drannor. I would have followed her into the Nine Hells.
So when the drow murdered her and took many of us hostage, my heart sank and was replaced with fire! Pyromancy choose me and I used it to escape. Now there is only fire. I no not who I am anymore.

Iytania Nightwolf

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